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It should be noted that 4D license plates can be delivered with panels set to one of the different depths. Ans: Easy Number Plates offers a wide range of 3D plates ranging from glossy surfaces to curved numbers, German writing, flat surface, raised carbon gel license plates, glitter license plates, and more. Despite the changes, there is no complete ban on 3D license plates. So we`ve all seen the video of the police officer talking about 3D/4D plate laws in 2021. Sat wondered “Are 3D license plates legal”? We often get questions about the legality of 3D license plates, such as “Are 3D gel plates legal,” “Are 3D plates legal,” or “Are gel resin license plates legal,” and in simple terms, yes, they are. All our 3D license plates are legal and DVLA compliant. The advantage of a license plate is that you can design them according to your style. Do you have a slogan on your heart? If so, Easy Number Plates gives you the option to customize your license plate to “add a slogan.” However, make sure that the slogan/phrase is in no way offensive to individuals or groups. The letters “I”, “O”, “I” and “Z” are not visible on license plates as they can easily be confused with other numbers/characters.

How does negativity bias come into play here? First of all, the unscrupulous creation of a “press article” that definitely raises a negative point (3D / 4D will be illegal), without factual basis, will receive much more attention and clicks. It is particularly advantageous if the editor of said article does not produce 3D/4D plates, but only flat printed plates. A huge industry has emerged around motorists` desire to customize and modify their cars to express their personality. There are many ways to do this, from custom vinyl sheets to a new set of wheels. However, one of the biggest current trends is the installation of 3D or 4D license plates. Indeed, the different shades used in 3D license plates can make the vehicle difficult to identify in certain situations. Drivers caught showing signs that do not comply with the regulations can be fined up to £1,000. If you have any doubts about the legality or otherwise of the physical license plate you buy for UK roads, you can be sure by making sure you are using a legitimate license plate manufacturer in that country. Avoid eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace, where you`ll find a plethora of chic and often illegal license plates, and instead choose a seasoned veteran who has years of experience and a track record of legitimacy. Drivers sometimes opt for unusual fonts or effects that give the impression of a high font. These are known commercially as “3D” or “3D Effect” license plates. Others actually use raised letters, which may be available in the “3D gel” or “4D” types.

3D gel plates aren`t the only high-end product we make, we use the latest laser cutting and CNC hardware to make some of the best license plates in the industry. If you`re looking for gel 3D license plates for cars that fit perfectly with your caravan or want to add a slogan with our lip plates, there`s not much we can`t do for you! Warning: some sites may sell you one for your car, although it is illegal to adapt it to your car today. The DVLA rules are pretty clear and say: For example, our parent company Jepson & Co is the oldest licence plate manufacturer in the UK and still only sells legal, high-quality licence plates to customers. They have been in business for over a century, in fact since 1894, so it`s fair to say they have a solid history, a good reputation, and a product. The technical difference is that 3D license plates give signs the effect of being 3D, while 4D signs are actually lifted by the license plate. When we talk about 3D and 4D license plates, we are talking about the style of composition used on the plates themselves. This is not related to custom car registrations, so what exactly are 3D and 4D license plates? Individual letters must be attached to the surface of the license plate and must not be removable. The lettering of the license plate must be printed in a single shade of black and must not be reflective. Indeed, under certain lighting conditions, the recording could be hidden. Again, drivers who show signs that are not in compliance with the law could face a fine of up to £1,000. The rules for license plates changed in September 2021, which means that all license plates with a 3D effect policy will be banned from that date, but there are some nuances in the rules.

License plates that use characters rendered in a 3D font to give the impression of letters and numbers that protrude from the surface of the panel, as in the main image above, are not legal on cars if they are installed after September 1, 2021. If your license plates are not legal and do not meet the above standards, your vehicle will suffer at least one TÜV failure in due course. No, we do not sell 3D carbon gel license plates or any form of carbon plates. Although the rules for the legibility of licence plates in the UK are quite strict and the rules have recently been tightened, 3D and 4D plate designs are still available, so many motorists will wonder if they are legal. 3D autogel license plates are 100% legal for the road. All specifications and options we offer comply with UK standards (BS AU 145E) and are legal for use on UK roads. As one of the UK`s most popular legal 3D license plate providers, we ensure that the high quality standards of our 3D license plates are met.