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Overall, it is impossible to register an OHV as legal on the road through Alabama as long as the vehicle was originally designed for off-road use. It is illegal to use an ATV or UTV on public roads in Alabama. Specifically, Alabama prohibits on public roads all “vehicles specially designed by their manufacturers as off-road vehicles.” In summary, we would like to point out that both in this notice and in the previous one, we believe that vehicles expressly designated by their manufacturers as off-road vehicles cannot be used on the roads and highways of this state. ATVs are one of the best vehicles ever created, unlike regular cars that can only be driven on slippery terrain such as highways and roads. ATVs can be driven on a variety of terrains, so laws are enforced to reduce the risk and occurrence of ATV accidents. We`re going to look at Alabama`s ATV laws. If you were driving a road-certified UTV in Alabama, all occupants should probably wear a helmet and shoes. This comes directly from Alabama`s 32-5A-245, which requires helmets and shoes for all motorcyclists except those riding in an enclosed cabin. While a legal UTV on the road doesn`t meet Alabama`s definition of a motorcycle, as we noted earlier, and while some UTVs have shut down taxis, this law is the one local authorities are most familiar with. In Alabama, the registration of off-road and other off-road vehicles with the Enforcement Agency is voluntary. You can legally drive your ATV to any of these locations: Flint Creek, The Ridge, Bankhead National Forest, Hollytree Off-Road Park and others. ATVs are excluded from motorways.

Here`s what you need to know if you plan to use your UTV on public lands or OHV areas in Alabama. This information applies regardless of whether your UTV is legal on the road or not. In short, no. In Alabama, off-road vehicles are only allowed to use public roads in special circumstances such as agriculture, utility maintenance, and law enforcement. It is illegal for the general public to drive an OHV on the streets of Alabama. Alabama`s current approach to off-road vehicles emerged in 1985 when two letters were written to the Alabama Attorney General`s Office seeking clarification on the then-existing off-highway vehicle laws. The first letter asked whether the state could issue legal registrations and license plates for off-road vehicles, and the second letter asked what laws would apply to off-road vehicles if they were driven on public roads. Each response was issued as an opinion of the Attorney General, an official clarification of existing laws that has significant legal weight in itself. Continuing our series of articles analyzing atV laws in each state that emerged from this article, in this article we look at ATV laws in Alabama. It should also be noted that although I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and I do not give legal advice.

If you have any questions, you should consult a local lawyer. Each state has reciprocal laws that allow vehicles registered in non-state vehicles to travel on their roads without cause for concern. These are the laws that allow you to drive your car across state borders without making any changes, and Alabama`s mutual status for registration is no different from that of another state. At the same time, we know that out-of-state registration is a common way to secure registration and a license plate for a legal UTV on the road. But given that Alabama based its position strictly on the original manufacture of a vehicle as an off-road machine, we`re not sure that local law enforcement would allow a UTV on their roads, even if it was legally registered in another state. Due to the wording of Alabama laws, the conduct of UTV on public roads in Alabama is at the operator`s own risk, regardless of how and where it is registered. Registration of a side-by-side as a road approval by Alabama is impossible due to the unique way the state treats off-road vehicles, and off-state registration is possible, but is not recommended for the reasons listed below. While driving a legal UTV on the road in Alabama can pose a risk, there are other times when legal registration on the road would be helpful. Because you`re approved on the road, you can use public roads in Georgia, Tennessee, and beyond without a truck and trailer holding you back. Imagine you go to your destination and park your trawl until the day you leave the house. Our team of experts can handle registration on your behalf to save you the tedious DMV paperwork and give you more time to plan your next adventure. Click below to get started.

An autonomous vehicle that is not designed for use on a highway, but is explicitly designated by the manufacturer as an “off-road vehicle” should not be assigned a license plate. Such a vehicle may not be used on state roads and highways, and the use of such a vehicle on public roads is prima facie a violation of S32-5A-190 – reckless driving. Registering a UTV as a State-approved highway would involve both the technical issue of passing a full safety inspection and the practical issue of trying to make an off-road vehicle legal in a state that has expressly prohibited it from using public roads. In short, it will not work. In plain language, Alabama law states that UTVs and other machines originally manufactured as off-road vehicles cannot use the state`s public roads. The law does not focus on the parts added to make the vehicle compliant, but on what the vehicle was originally designed for. Alabama`s 32-12A-1 confirms this notion by designing off-road recreational vehicles as “designed and manufactured … for off-road use.

If you drive an ATV in Alabama, you must ensure that your vehicle has functional headlights, taillights and a horn at all times. Other items needed by other states, such as helmets and silencers, are not essential in Alabama because you can`t ride an ATV on public roads. Alabama Motor Vehicle Division (DMV), which is part of the Department of Revenue The trails in this park are suitable for all levels of ATV drivers, from beginners to complex and challenging. There is a full campsite, camping bunker, 4 cabin trailers, pantry and concerts on site. If you want to spend the weekend off-road and camping, you should visit the top trails Park. (2) Off-road vehicles.  Any motorized vehicle that is not designed for use on a road and is capable of driving on land, snow, ice, swamps, swamps or any other natural terrain.