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Open water fishing: removal of freshwater fish during the open water fishing season by means of hooks and lines in his hand or tied to a rod or by throwing or dragging artificial flies, bait or hooks, provided that the fisherman does not take fish through an artificial hole in the ice, ice or an object carried by ice (Title 12, §12601). Harpsell lobsters set fire to the nets this weekend. I do not forgive them for an easy job, but I do not know which recreational fisherman would ever need a full net. Who has a basic overview of casting-Net regulations for this state? Yes, all you need is a pelagic commercial fishing license, available at DMR here: www.maine.gov/dmr/commercial-fishing/licenses/documents/2018/2018MarineHarvest.pdf for $98 this year. Illegal fishing: Unless otherwise stated, it is illegal unless it is illegal to fish with a single bait hook and a single fishing line, artificial flies or artificial bait and spinners. Failure to carefully and immediately return to the water from which it was caught, a fish that does not meet the size or species restrictions or that the person does not want to keep. Fish released in this way are not included in the catch or possession restriction, provided that the person did not have the legal catch limit at the time of capture. I asked the question last year and was told that you have to have a commercial license to use a casting net for herring. I don`t know anything about Macs or Alewives. Check the DMR site and see if there are any rules out there. What comes to mind when you think of fishing? Patience, relaxation, challenge and memories are a few words often associated with fishing. All this and a sense of responsibility, preservation and preservation can be found on this page.

We want you to have a pleasant time during your visit and for those who come after you for fishing. Take the time to explore, learn what the park has to offer, and learn about your responsibilities before throwing a leash or a fly into the water. Illegal use of antifreeze: The addition of substances containing ethylene glycol or other antifreeze in the waters of this state is illegal (Title 38, § 413). And where you can find regulations: www.maine.gov/dmr/laws-regulations/regulations/index.html. In general, you have to call DMR to really get to the bottom of many issues, the website and the laws never quite tell the whole story. General Fisheries Act: The General Fisheries Act is defined as laws and rules that govern fishing in all waters, unless other more specific regulations are listed. Specifically, the general law covers all legal terminals, daily pocket and possession limits, seasonal dates and cash. See General Provisions of Fisheries Law. A free special use permit signed by the Superintendent or Commissioner of the Park is required to transport weapons, traps or nets through the park to access the Great Ponds. Permit applicants must hold a valid license from the State of Maine to hunt waterfowl, traps, and/or fish as a condition of the license. Reference to a submerged vehicle: The owner of a motor vehicle, off-highway vehicle or snowmobile that is submerged or partially submerged in state waters must immediately inform the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife of the occurrence and location of the vehicle.

The owner is legally responsible for removal and any damage resulting from immersion or removal. Motor vehicles must be removed within 30 days (in the case of a public water supply). Snowmobiles and ATVs must be removed within 24 hours (Title 17, §2267-A). So, according to the Alewives thread, it`s illegal to use a cast net, but would it be fair to Alewives or all sorts of things in Maine? No questions about fly fishing, but it`s by far the best resource I know of to get answers to questions. I was told that you had to have a commercial fishing licence to cast a net for pogies. Does anyone know, 1) Is this true and 2) where I would go to find this license? Holders of a free licence: Holders of an open licence authorised to fish in S-9 waters include all persons listed under the above provisions relating to the free fishing licence, with the exception of point 2. Troll: Fishing by following a rigged line to catch fish behind or in front of a vessel powered by mechanical, wind or manual energy (Title 12, § 10001-67). Sorry, I had to. Good luck with shark fishing, but don`t make a pine replenishment tributary: a river, stream, or stream that flows directly or indirectly into a lake, pond, or other river, stream, or stream. A lake or large pond should not be interpreted as a tributary. The tributary of a large pond is not considered a tributary of the discharge of this large pond (Title 12, § 10001-66). We invite you to visit the Fish and Fishing website for more information on fishing and fishing in the National Park Service.

You will learn about conservation, various species of fish and the parks that offer fishing. Fishing in fresh waters in a way other than hooks and lines, with the rod or line being visited closely. Lead diver: It is illegal to sell, offer for sale or use a lead sink that weighs 1 ounce or less or measures 2.5 inches or less. This does not apply to artificial baits, weighted lines or flax or appliance heads. It is illegal to sell, offer for sale or use an unpainted lead device that weighs one ounce or less or measures 2.5 inches or less (Title 12, § 12663-B & Title 12, § 12664). Use of explosive, toxic or blunt substances: It is illegal to remove or destroy fish using an explosive, toxic or anesthetic substance (Title 12, § 12653). Advanced baiting: It is illegal to deposit meat, bones, dead fish or other food material in inland waters to attract fish. However, it is legal to place food particles in a baitfish trap to attract baitfish (Title 12, § 12657). Terminal: A device at the end of a line used to catch fish, including bait and bait hooks, artificial bait and bait, and artificial flies.

Fish marking: It is illegal to mark, cut or otherwise mark fish that are to be released alive into the internal waters of the state without the written consent of the Commissioner (Title 12, § 12601).