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South Africa is a constitutional democracy, but its law derives from 3 main sources: legislation, Roman-Dutch law and case law. Romano-Dutch law is largely Roman law (and therefore the use of Latin), interpreted and developed by Dutch jurists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Although less common, Latin legal words and phrases are still used today, some in everyday contracts. If the employee concludes a dismissal agreement with his employer, do not demand unfair dismissal and do not demand additional remuneration in return for the payment of a reduction indemnity including his severance pay, vacation, other remuneration to which he is legally entitled and additional benefits. With the acceptance of the voluntary discount offer, an agreement is reached. Includes the protection of the child`s property or property interests; representation of the child in legal matters; and consent to marriage, adoption, expulsion from South Africa or application for a passport. Burden of proof – this means “the burden of proof”. In South Africa, the legal situation is “whoever claims to prove it”. Thus, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor and not with the accused. This is a court order prohibiting the accused from inflicting domestic violence on the complainant and may be provisional or final. The protection order may contain certain conditions that a defendant must meet, for example the protection order may state that the defendant cannot contact or approach the plaintiff.

Husband and wife are guardians of a child born of marriage; the guardian is the mother of a child born out of wedlock, unless the father acquires guardianship, for example through a permanent partnership with the mother; or the court may appoint a guardian. Guardianship includes the protection of the child`s property or property interests; representation of the child in legal matters; and consent to marriage, adoption, expulsion from South Africa or application for a passport. With the necessary changes. Like when you incorporate the terms of another document into a contract and minor changes are required. NATIONAL CREDIT REGULATOR: This is an independent body that regulates the credit industry. It was established under the National Credit Act to settle disputes; Registration of credit providers, credit agencies and debt counsellors; and ensuring that consumer rights are protected, among other functions. DOMICILIUM CITANDI ET EXECUTANDI – most legal documents, including a deed of sale, require you to provide your DOMICILIUM CITANDI ET EXECUTANDI, which simply means where you can receive a subpoena in the event of a dispute. As this is the address that you have accepted in writing, you cannot claim later that it was delivered to you at an incorrect address. EX GRATIE – (done) as an act of grace, not under legal duress. There are a number of TV series and movies that depict the inner workings of the legal industry and law enforcement. Shows like the hugely popular Suits, The Practice, Law and Order and many others often delight and entertain us. (Of course, the truth is that it`s almost never a true reflection of what it is in the real world.) The use of Latin words and phrases is often heard in many of these law-oriented television series.

These Latin phrases, often used by lawyers in our everyday vocabulary, can sometimes seem confusing or mysterious. We help debunk some of these confusing Latin phrases. ACTIO DE PAUPERIE – refers to the action that can be brought against the owner of a pet that has caused harm when acting against the nature of its species – that is, against “internal excitement or vice”. A claim will not be recognized by a court if the party making it is guilty of moral upheaval or illegal conduct. It is comparable to having to go to court with clean hands. Minimum requirements for workers in a specific sector and sector, such as taxis, contract cleaning services, domestic workers, civil engineering, apprentices, wholesale and retail trade, agricultural workers, private security, etc. Patrick Bracher in Johannesburg started with the founding of RE: in 2011 with the compilation of these Latin terms from A to Z. When 2020 ends, it will. His monumental task has been accomplished. A document that usually initiates legal proceedings.

Not everyone can afford the fees and expenses charged by lawyers. Various forms of legal aid are available to these persons, such as: pro bono legal advice, legal aid committee, legal clinics, justice centres and legal insurance companies. Workers likely to be affected by the reduction, or their work forum, registered unions or elected representatives, or any person elected under a collective agreement. For the common good. Usually, “pro-bono” refers to unpaid legal work for a good cause. ACTIO QUANTI MINORIS – means the recourse available to the buyer of goods against the seller for a reduction in the purchase price because the item sold is latent defective or does not correspond to a statement by the seller about its characteristics or capabilities. There can be bodily injury without legal liability – which is why players cannot sue for ordinary rugby injuries (other than a defence of insanity).