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Credit card acceptance also opens up the world of automated payments for your business. Given the typical size of a legal advance, customers appreciate the ability to split the advance into several smaller payments. In fact, the Legal Trends Report 2021 found that consumers rank the question of whether a law firm offers payment plans as one of the most important factors in hiring a law firm. Accepting credit cards at your law firm shouldn`t be difficult. Consider investing in a legal payment processing system like Clio Payments to simplify time and cost setup. Thousands of law firms benefit from LawPay`s experts. No one has more knowledge and experience in legal payment transactions. With all these legal issues, there is always room for questions and conflicts. Before you begin evaluating credit card processing providers, review your state attorney`s ethical rules and guidelines to ensure that credit card acceptance meets applicable standards and regulations in your state. If a client requests a chargeback, a law firm can either accept the chargeback or dispute it through the representation process. On its behalf, the company provides evidence to the “issuing bank” – the bank that issued the credit card – that the transaction was valid and that the chargeback request should be lifted. With the right provider, setting up your credit card processing software (ideally integrated with your lawyer management software) should be a simple process.

To be reassured, choose a solution provider that offers reliable customer support and training to help you with any questions. Due to ethical rules, choosing a credit card provider for lawyers comes with added complexity. Law firms need a credit card processing solution that recognizes and accounts for the difference between escrow accounts (for money orders) and operating accounts (for bill payments). What is less well known is that with patents, copyrights, trademarks, and lawsuits, a lot of the information behind creating maps is publicly available – if you know where to look for it. For example, Clio Payments, integrated with Clio`s robust Manage infrastructure, creates a customer-centric payment experience by allowing customers to pay their bills by credit card or set up automated payments on their card. Plus, you`ll get paid faster, improve your collection rates, and increase efficiency within the company. Plus, Clio helps you navigate chargebacks (if and when they happen). Whether you`re a lawyer in a sole proprietorship or a large law firm, there`s no denying the benefits of accepting credit cards, both for you and your clients. And with the right credit card processing provider, setup doesn`t have to be difficult. Get started with Clio Payments today! Customers appreciate the flexibility and convenience of having multiple options to pay their bills online without having to travel to your office. In addition to creating a customer-centric payment experience, you can leverage the efficiency and cash flow of secure digital payments, whether it`s a credit card, debit card, or e-check.

The views expressed in the “Card Law” column are solely those of the author and are not affiliated with Simmons Law Firm. You should not act or rely on the information in the “Cards Act” column without seeking the advice of a lawyer. Deciding if you need legal services and choosing a lawyer are very important issues that should not be based on websites or advertising. With over 16 years of experience in the card processing industry, we are experts in combining the needs of the legal industry with the capabilities of the payments industry. Security and compliance are guaranteed. Once the software is running, you can send electronic invoices with the “Pay Now” buttons. Plus, enabling click-to-pay links on your website and in customer emails is a breeze. Sophisticated solutions such as Clio Payments automatically record customers` credit card transactions on the relevant topic or account and synchronize the records with your accounting platform to avoid errors and save time. Integration with your lawyer management system is also an important aspect that should influence your selection process.

By integrating your credit card processing solution with your practice management system, you can ensure that the collection process is fast, automated and convenient for both you and your clients. With the ability to accept credit cards, you can set up flexible payment plans for your customers, accept trust payments, and make sure you follow trusted accounting rules. If you wish to accept credit cards in person, you will need to purchase a credit card reader to process payments. Customers tap or swipe their cards to complete the transaction. By offering customers the flexibility and convenience of paying with a credit card, your business will reap several benefits, including: Whether you`re considering law-specific processors or general credit card processors, make sure you`re sure your preferred provider complies with IOLTA escrow rules. LawPay is available in all 50 state-owned bars, 60+ local and specialty bars, and ABA as a verified and recommended payment solution for the legal industry. In this column, I will explore these questions in the hope that collectors can enjoy their cards more. In my work, I eat, drink and live intellectual property law, so I will also try to explain the differences between legal issues. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people confuse copyrights, patents and trademarks. I will also address the legal issues faced by card companies and collectors in the industry. Depending on the size and structure of your business, you may need support from partners and management.

But given that companies that don`t accept credit cards put themselves at a distinct competitive disadvantage, membership is probably not a stumbling block. The benefits of accepting credit cards also extend to other online payment methods such as debit cards or ACH (eCheck) payments. As a result, your ideal payment service provider can accept multiple payment methods. The security of customer data when accepting credit cards is crucial. Learn more about PCI compliance specifically for law firms in. Read this free guide to everything you need to know about choosing the right legal payment processing solution that will help you pay faster and stay compliant. At Clio, we`ve made things simple with handy “Pay Now” buttons and fixed transaction fees for all payment methods. Unlike other providers, we have chosen not to charge additional fees, such as those passed on by credit card networks.

Don`t forget to spread the word that your business now accepts credit cards. Promote posts through your social media channels, update posts on your website (be sure to check the “Pay Now” button), and add the credit card option to your invoice template. Credit card payments can be accepted online or in person. The online approach with cloud-based credit card processing software such as Clio Payments simplifies bill payment for your customers as they can pay from the comfort of their own home, on their laptop or on the go with their smartphone.