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U.S. Virgin IslandsResidence Requirement: NoneRequired documents: driver`s license or passports; proof of divorce or death certificate of the former spouse(s) (if applicable); Cover letter to the marriage application with the date of the visit, the length of stay and the preferred wedding date if the ceremony is celebrated by a judgeNote: The application must be received at least 2 weeks before the wedding. One. A valid passport and copies of birth certificates • Completed and notarized marriage application form You will receive your marriage certificate the day after your application and it is valid for 90 days. The fee for a marriage certificate is $120, which includes a certified copy of a marriage certificate. This is the first step in getting the couple to register with the Ministry of Legal Affairs at the St. Petersburg Courthouse. John`s registers and pays a $40.00 fee, no matter which of the two islands you choose. For a marriage certificate, the application fee is $150.00 plus an additional $50.00 for the marriage certificate fee, and couples must provide proof of citizenship – valid passports are sufficient. The marriage certificate (also known as a ministerial license) must be obtained on the island of Jamaica, provided that you complete the application and send the required documents in advance to your marriage manager (see below), that he or she can obtain your marriage certificate on your behalf, and that you can get married once you arrive in Grand Cayman. Department of the Registrar General Twickenham Park St. Catherine Phone: +1.876.984.3041 x5 Email: information@rgd.gov.jm Website: www.rgd.gov.jm Bahamas IslandsResidence requirement: 24 hoursRequired documents: passports; birth certificates; proof of divorce or death certificate of the former spouse(s) (if applicable); Statement certifying that both parties are unmarried U.S. citizens appearing before a U.S.

consul at the U.S. Embassy in Nassau; a marriage certificate issued by the Commissioner on the other islands; Proof of arrival in the Bahamas.Note: Both parties must apply in person. Are you planning to get married on Nassau Paradise Island? Before you do this, it`s important to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for getting married in the Bahamas to make sure you can buckle up easily! Find out how and when to get a Bahamian marriage certificate, how much it costs and what documents you need to bring. One. A written request must be sent to the vital statistics office at least fourteen (14) days before the date of marriage. • Valid passport • Birth certificate and airline tickets • Certificate of divorce or death, if applicable • Witnesses must obtain a temporary tourist permit from the Lieutenant Governor • Original documents other than Dutch and English must be translated into Dutch by a sworn official and notarized • Unmarried persons must submit a declaration of civil status less than three days old • Six witnesses if the marriage outside of the marital bedroom You can view or download an application for a Bahamian marriage certificate here. Renewal of vows No license is required. Contact the wedding coordinator at (268) 460 4347 to book a marriage certificate for a civil ceremony, or contact the church directly for a religious ceremony. U.S.

citizens have no residency requirements, and if a test was taken within 10 days of the ceremony on the American mainland, it is sufficient. The rest of the necessary documentation is quite similar to that of other Caribbean countries: driver`s license or passports, proof of divorce or death certificate of the ex-spouse (if applicable) and health certificate from a Puerto Rico-based doctor, as well as blood test results. You should expect two witnesses over the age of 21 and a doctor in Puerto Rico must sign the license. The wedding ceremony must be performed by a licensed wedding manager If you are planning a wedding in the Caribbean, it is important to know what you need to do to be legally married. Laws, requirements, and costs related to marriage vary from country to country on the islands. One. A letter should be sent to the territorial court of the U.S. Virgin Islands in St. Thomas or St. Cross applies for a marriage certificate • The application must be notarized Although it may seem clinical and impersonal to get married in a government office, Aruba`s City Hall is actually quite picturesque and the room where weddings take place is very pleasant. As for witnesses, they can be made available to you on the spot if you really want to flee and do not want to bring anyone with you. To obtain a marriage license in Grenada, you will need three days to present passports and birth certificates.

Proof of divorce or death certificate is also required. If one of the parties has made a name change, a certificate investigation is required, and you will need proof of individual status, such as a letter from a lawyer stating that both parties have the right to marry. The license has a fee of $167.00 and takes into account an additional fee of $15.00. If one of the parties is under the age of 21, written parental consent is required. All documents must be written or translated into English. For more information, contact the Saint Lucia Tourism Board, tel.758-452-4094 Step #1: Print a declaration form and ask a declarant who knows of the upcoming marriage to sign the completed form in the presence of a justice of the peace in Jamaica. (The declarant can be your marriage certificate, a friend or family member.) If you don`t want to get married legally abroad, it may be easier to plan a symbolic ceremony and do the paperwork at home. You will enjoy all the pomp and circumstances of a wedding ceremony in another country while avoiding legal issues such as international waiting times and blood tests. Cayman IslandsResidence Requirements: NoneRequired documents: Passports; birth certificates; proof of divorce or death certificate of the former spouse(s) (if applicable); return or race tickets; proof of entry (pink notes from the Cayman Islands Department of International Immigration or cruise ship passes); Letter from the Authorized Acting Marriage Agent The good news is that if one party lived in Anguilla at least 15 days before the wedding, the cost of the marriage certificate will be reduced! You will need two witnesses at the ceremony. Can my hotel help me with the arrangements? Definitely, because most hotels in Antigua and Barbuda offer wedding and honeymoon packages.

Check with your travel agent or the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism for more information. One. A government-issued photo ID issued in the country where both parties reside and proof of date of arrival in The Bahamas • Proof of marital status, divorce certificate or death certificate • As a U.S. citizen, a statement must be made in front of a U.S. consul at the U.S. Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas • If citizens or residents of another country, a declaration must be made before a notary or other person authorized to take an oath in that country and must be attached to the application for a marriage certificate. In addition, you must send notarized copies of the translated documents to the marriage officer.